We focus on non-IT functions such as process control, manufacturing, fire protection and retail – Industrial UPS

These sectors are embracing more automation, therefore the need for backup power has never been greater.

UPS System for Industrial

When most people think of UPS solutions they think of IT related solutions.

Whether they are single phase rackmount units supporting servers and networking, or larger three-phase systems supporting server rooms and data centres, Power Control has vast experience delivering industrial UPS solutions where a power outage can be just as costly in lost production time or damaged goods as a data centre outage could be.

Working on a regular basis with clients who have experienced issues with power fluctuations or failures, we have designed and provide power protection packages that suit business’ most exacting needs, when it comes to industrial ups systems. These range from where we support companies with simple solutions all the way through to site-wide support, encompassing belts and drives, furnaces, picking and CNC equipment.

Looking at logistics and distribution centres specifically, these rely on a 24/7 automated operation and in some instances our clients have experienced downtime of over 10 hours, whilst having to manually itemise each item and enter back into their system.

We have also worked with numerous food production companies to provide solutions that have ensured that equipment, such as ovens and freeze tunnels, have the ability to complete a cycle, thereby preventing loss of goods. Ensuring this process also removes the risk of a fire if the goods stay in the ovens too long.

There are countless business operations that rely on power availability and the improvements in technology often mean that the equipment is more susceptible to a poor quality power supply, this is the reason we create reliable industrial ups systems. Even where there is a generator on site, the instantaneous power off can cause shock damage to moving parts and motors. As well as the business needing to reboot once the generator has started, resulting again in lost production time.

"We are over the moon with how this project has gone. We trusted Power Control implicitly to deliver exactly what they said they would and we have had no problems with the project whatsoever. The professionalism demonstrated by Power Control from initial project discussions through to the onsite works and training has been outstanding. Power Control’s previous experience with other retail distribution centres was evident in their seamless approach. The company’s understanding of our processes and electrical infrastructure was impressive to say the least. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to others within our industry."

Kevin Hayes
Marks and Spencers
Rob Mather says:

The IoT (Internet of Things) will undoubtedly shape how we view power protection strategies and our approach to purchasing. More sophisticated processing power and increased IT usage on site, means poorer efficiency – right? Wrong!

Whilst IT usage is increasing on site, actual power requirements may in fact reduce. Each new wave of IT equipment comes with increased processing power to meet consumer demand and intelligent technology means that despite the more advanced performance, IT equipment is also becoming increasingly efficient.

The number of UPS solutions installed as the final design, use and requirement has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. In fact, the majority of UPS systems currently in the field are not being used at the correct design load and subsequently running inefficiently. With advances in technology moving so fast, not many businesses can accurately predict exact requirements for the future.

With most purchasing UPS systems for a lifecycle of 10-15 years, the backup power solutions needs to be adaptable and scalable to meet future demands.

Scoping out and implementing complete power protection strategies is what Power Control does best. With access to a comprehensive range of equipment and extensive knowledge in the field, we provide solutions that are suitable not just for now but in the future.

Suitable Applications

It is very easy to pigeonhole UPS applications to run of the mill IT requirements but UPS systems provide essential emergency power to all types of electrical equipment.


All automated systems could benefit from being supported by a UPS solution to avoid costly downtime. We install power protection equipment to suit all budgets and requirements.


Certain manufacturing equipment, such as that used in precision milling, require stable, online double conversion UPS solutions to ensure optimum stability no matter what happens.


Lifts are incredibly susceptible to inrush currents making specification difficult. We can help avoid unnecessary component stress, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of the solution.


Online retailing has significantly increased, resulting in distribution centres relying on 24/7 processing to maximise profits along with increased electronic technology on the high street.

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