All equipment used in manufacturing lines requires a reliable power supply

They require backup power solutions that deliver ultimate resilience, reliability and performance.

Manufacturing 1

Any fluctuation in power could result in costly time and materials being wasted.

A reliable online double conversion UPS solution ensures optimum stability no matter what happens.

In the event of a power fluctuation or failure the UPS provides clean power that could otherwise cause the machine to malfunction or shut down. A loss of power could also result in a loss of production and wasted man hours due to the time required to restart the automated process, cleaning of assembly line and removal of wastage. It is therefore important to have reliable backup power provisions in place.

A UPS will also reduce wear and tare of machinery parts thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

UPS systems from Power Control are specially designed to handle high inrush demands for motors, robotics, drives, etc. These systems can also be modified to operate at higher temperatures, offer inbuilt dust filters and modular capabilities.

Power Control offers a wide range of three phase solutions and with over 25 years of experience in providing backup power to critical applications, including manufacturing lines, we are able to provide the most reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions.

Suitable Applications

Supplying bespoke UPS solutions, Power Control is able to provide the correct level of power protection to marine and offshore applications no matter the environmental conditions.

Assembly Line

A loss of power could result in costly downtime of the assembly line


Milling requires precise equipment, a power fluctuation could effect the precision and cause costly wastage and time.

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