UPS systems provide far more than just reliable backup power solutions for the telecoms industry.

They also ensure the continuous supply of clean, reliable power.

Telecoms UPS System

Due to the sensitive nature of some telephone systems, we look beyond the need of just battery backup.

Often even the smallest fluctuations in power can cause as much damage as full power outage. Online double conversion UPS solutions, such as those from the CertaUPS range of power protection solutions, prevent any power interference and subsequent damage to equipment.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the latest telecoms technology and are able to provide up to date configurators for easy purchasing. With close working relationships with key IT partners, we are one of the leading suppliers of flexible, reliable UPS solutions.

Whether you need to support a single telephone system for five minutes or an entire comms room for eight hours, Power Control provides customised power protection solutions to meet your exact needs.

"We have worked with our client for many years, which is a testament to our unfailing exceptional level of service and professionalism. The installation of the Huawei UPS5000-E unit ran on time and was executed very efficiently. Having previously only had solid state UPS systems, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise across both solid state and modular technologies very effectively."

Rob Mather
Power Control
Matt De Frece says:

With over two decades of experience in providing UPS solutions for the telecoms industry we have extensive knowledge of its requirements. Keeping up to date with the latest advancements enables us to ensure that we have the correct UPS solutions available for every PBX.

We understand that the telecoms sector is ever evolving and over recent years has become increasingly amalgamated with the IT market. As such we have a dedicated team of specialists who are always on hand to provide both sales and technical support. We also offer training courses to give our clients a better understanding of not just the available UPS technologies but also how these can be specified for different VoIP/PBX phone systems.

Suitable Applications

Our CertaUPS range of single phase power protection solutions provide clean, reliable power for all types of VoIP/PBX phone systems, including individual and server based applications.


Small telephone systems may require back up support during power failure. The CertaUPS range is a perfect low budget option to ensure you are always protected.

PBX Systems

Hardware and server based PBX’s may require UPS solutions that run for upto several hours to ensure systems are always protected and online.


We provide UPS solutions suited to Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications whereby a mains failure cannot affect the performance.

Other Telecoms

Telecoms require round the clock uptime and the recommended UPS is one using online technology due to its built-in automatic transfer switch.

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