Power Control can provide Power solutions for all airport applications

We pride ourselves on supplying bespoke UPS solutions and increased ruggedization when required.

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The reliance on highly sophisticated automated and technological infrastructure in an airport is under immense pressure.

UPS systems for airports are critical. Any interruptions to power could cause flight cancellations and delays costing airports £thousands in lost revenue. Even the smallest interference in power to air traffic control systems can cause unfavourable consequences.

Power Control’s comprehensive portfolio of backup power systems ensures there is a suitable uninterruptible power supply for all applications within airports. Whether it is a single phase unit for small IT cabinets, signalling systems, ticketing and EoPS, or three phase units for air traffic control, onsite data centres and emergency lighting systems.

Following a routine site visit to the major air cargo hub, East Midlands Airport, Power Control designed a UPS solution comprising two 125kva Huawei UPS5000-E frames with 50kVA. This was installed with an SDMO generator and increased the airports efficiency after it was discovered that their existing critical infrastructure was only running at 70% efficiency.

East Midlands Airport is not carrying out further site reviews and is already working with Power Control on its next project.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply bespoke UPS solutions if an ‘off the shelf’ unit is not suitable. Customisation can range from different sized housing to fit into restricted spaces to ruggedization for harsh environments.

"Not only has Power Control been instrumental in the initial scoping of our requirements but the team’s professionalism throughout the installation has been exceptional. They had extremely strict parameters to work within, which required expert coordination between site engineers and team project managers to ensure a seamless transfer, with limited disruption to the airport and passengers."

A Bestwick
Airfield Engineer - East Midlands Airport

Suitable Applications

Supplying both single phase and three phase, Power Control is able to provide the correct emergency power infrastructure solution for the vast range of airport power requirements.

IT Cabinets

A reliable source of power is needed to ensure smooth running of key airport systems including check-in, information boards and baggage carousels

Air Traffic Control

Requiring ultimate power resilience to ensure the safety of all passengers, airport staff and crew members.

Server Room

Covering small to medium sized server rooms with advanced systems to ensure your data is always safe. With scalable options and compact footprints.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a critical part of any building’s safety system network. A backup supply of power to these systems is paramount and often required by law.

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