Server and IT

Covering a multitude of IT environments and applications.

UPS systems for server and IT which range from individual PC’s and workstations for small home and office use to large server networks for comms rooms and data centre facilities.

Server Room UPS System

The IT industry is extremely complex – it encapsulates everything from a home PC through to CCTV, EPOS and telecoms to small servers and multimillion £ network infrastructures.

Despite its complexity, we pride ourselves on delivering the right solutions every time. We achieve this by providing a consultative, detailed approach no matter how big or small the requirement. We don’t believe in providing a generic solution – our solutions are tailor made.

UPS systems that are typically used in small office IT environments, which may consist of a number of small hubs and routers, tend to be line interactive solutions with short duration runtimes. The single phase CertaUPS range has been designed and manufactured to be compact, versatile, easy to install and above all else able to deliver reliable emergency power.

For more critical IT applications, such as data centres, co-location facilities and critical infrastructures such as hospitals, we supply both modular and standalone UPS solutions. Our three phase traditional centralised UPS range from Italian manufacturer Borri and our modular UPS solutions from globally renowned Huawei are perfect for meeting the wide plethora of requirements from this highly multifaceted sector.

Standalone UPS solutions still play a very critical role in the data centre emergency power arena and as the UK’s exclusive partner for Borri Spa UPS for nearly a decade we have an unparalleled understanding of these technologies.

Our personal touch, dedicated account managers that are available round the clock, large stock holding and next day delivery are just some of the reasons that we have such strong relationships with some of the leading IT resellers, wholesalers, contractors and consultants in the country.

"We have been extremely impressed with Power Control's professional approach towards handling some very challenging requirements. Both Power Control's specialist battery team and UPS installation engineers worked exceptionally well and were able to fit in with our tight delivery schedule."

H Patel
P & R Morsons
Graeme Tucker says:

When we look at the IT sector in respect of UPS systems – this covers a multitude of different categories, each with differing requirements. Our team is made of core sector specialists and technical sales personnel to ensure that we can address the specific needs of our clients.

For example, we know that our IT reseller and wholesale partners require immediate response times, quick delivery and support. They also demand high performance solutions and good pricing. We meet these needs through our extensive stock holding, which enables us to despatch goods within 24hours, each partner has a dedicated account manager to provide 24/7 technical sales support and we offer all our partners impressive rebate and sales incentives.

Looking at the other end of the IT sector – UPS for critical applications, we work directly with all points of the buying chain from end user through to consultant and contractor. Here, we are known for our commitment to understanding not just the physical needs but the environmental, operational and financial objectives for each project.

With access to such a comprehensive portfolio of products and our detailed approach means we guarantee that the solution chosen is the right one every time.

Suitable Applications

Our range of single phase UPS systems are ideal for small business applications, point of sale, CCTV, individual computers and home electrical devices. They have been designed and manufactured to deliver reliable emergency power and be easy to install and manage.  Also supplying both modular and standalone UPS, we are able to provide the correct emergency power solution for data centres, co-location facilities and critical infrastructures such as hospitals.

Data Centre

Referring to micro, colocation and modular data centres, these all require reliable and scalable UPS solutions that are fit for purpose not just now but in the future.


The market is flooded with UPS systems that are suitable for PC’s so choosing the correct one can be a bit of a headache. Power Control is a trusted UPS Partner.

Server Room

Covering small to medium sized server rooms with advanced systems to ensure your data is always safe. With scalable options and compact footprints.

Audio Visual

As a specialist UPS provider, we understand the importance of providing  UPS solutions that are not just reliable but also flexible and scalable.

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