The security sector is multidimensional and key to all businesses.

As such, it requires security UPS solutions that deliver ultimate resilience, reliability and performance.

Security UPS Systems

Security forms a critical part of all businesses, whether this is for preventing unauthorised access or for supporting CCTV and intruder alarms.

Whilst the latter is non-critical, if there is a loss of power, the repercussions can have a significant negative impact. It is therefore important to have reliable backup power provisions in place such as a reliable single phase CertaUPS power protection solution.

The CertaUPS series not only provides a user-friendly solution to power protection but also includes advanced remote monitoring software for PC, iOS and android, increased autonomy and sophisticated energy saving modes.

For more critical environments, such as prisons, shopping centres, councils and stadiums Power Control offers a wide range of three phase UPS solutions that are proven to provide backup power for multiple CCTV, mechanised barriers, key control systems, RFID, turnstiles and automated doors.

The most obvious application for the security sector is for alarm monitoring stations, which monitor high risk and security sites. Monitoring stations are required to have fully redundant UPS systems and be able to provide long runtimes of over eight hours to provide a sufficient power provision in the event of a mains failure.

"Following an assessment of the company’s existing UPS solution, we found that it was operating in a very inhospitable environment, which was having a detrimental effect on the life expectancy of the UPS batteries. In addition, as power was only being drawn from one battery string, the UPS was not a true N+1 solution. In conjunction with Dimension Data, we offered the Huawei UPS5000-E as a new sustainable UPS solution."

Sam Rea
Power Control
Rob Mather says:

Power Control has worked on a wide range of security focused projects from small CCTV support to designing full power protection strategies for complete security infrastructures.

With an extensive product range available to support almost any security requirement, we also understand the critical roles of the applications our UPS solutions will be supporting and are ideally placed to respond quickly in the unlikely event of a fault.

Suitable Applications

From small individual CCTV and alarm monitoring systems through to full site security infrastructures that include key control systems and automated barriers, we have UPS systems to support all requirements.

Backup power for CCTV needs to be simple, reliable and cost effective. The CertaUPS line interactive, single phase UPS systems are ideal.

Access Control

It is critical for access control systems to be fully protected from spikes, surges and power cuts to ensure continued functionality and ultimately maintain security.

Alarm Systems

Alarm monitoring stations rely on continuous power to provide critical support to businesses.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors and sensors require backup protection to ensure continuity of operation during power fluctuations.

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