Small Office and Home

Looking for a power protection solution for your home or office work space?

We will provide the right UPS to suit your personal and business needs.

Small Office and Home UPS System

Power Controls has a range of single phase CertaUPS solutions that can help protect your computer equipment against natural daily disturbances such as power grid fluctuations and storms, which can leave you without power.

If you have a small business or you work from home, your single PC workstations or small bank of IT equipment will be as critical to you as a comms room or data centre facility is to a large company.

The CertaUPS range of single phase UPS systems are ideal for small business applications, point of sale, CCTV, individual computers and home electrical devices. They have been designed and manufactured to deliver reliable emergency power and be easy to install and manage.

UPS systems that will typically be used in a SoHo environment tend to be line interactive solutions with short duration runtimes. Power Control offers both line interactive and online double conversion, tower and rack mountable systems to ensure we provide the correct level of emergency power for your exact needs.

Whether you need to support a single telephone system for five minutes or an entire comms room for eight hours, Power Control provides customised power protection solutions to meet your exact needs.

"We have worked with our client for many years, which is a testament to our unfailing exceptional level of service and professionalism. The installation of the Huawei UPS5000-E unit ran on time and was executed very efficiently. Having previously only had solid state UPS systems, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise across both solid state and modular technologies very effectively."

Sam Rea
Power Control
Samuel Rea says:

Most relevant to SoHo applications is the company’s CertaUPS single phase series. Designed and developed exclusively by Power Control, the CertaUPS range delivers the most advanced single phase UPS technology available in today’s market.

Yes, there are greater known brand names but when it comes to the technology, quality of manufacture and components, the CertaUPS series is unquestionably ahead of the pack. Previously badged under the Borri ‘B’ range, we want the industry to know that the CertaUPS solutions have taken the very best materials, UPS topologies and user features to create the most advanced, high performance single phase UPS series available.

We work with leading IT resellers and wholesale partners and understand the need for immediate response times, quick delivery and support. They also demand high performance solutions and good pricing. We meet these needs through our extensive stock holding, which enables us to despatch goods within 24hours, each partner has a dedicated account manager to provide 24/7 technical sales support and we offer all our partners impressive rebate and sales incentives.

Suitable Applications

Small Office Home Office (SoHo) can often include several desktop PCs, a file server, hub, internet router and selection of printers for home business and general use. Home entertainment, media, satellite, security, CCTV and workshop facilities can also be protected by a UPS system to prevent crucial downtime.

Home PC

Data loss can be prevented by ensuring you have a suitable UPS system protecting your home and small office networks in the event of mains power failure.


A simple UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery backup device can ensure your CCTV system remains powered in the event of a power cut.

Alarm/Access Control

Alarms and access control can become vulnerable without power back up from a UPS system, causing false alarm or delays in equipment operation.


Most of our point of sale devices are electronically controlled from a central point, power failure could result in thousands of pounds in losses for business owners.

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