Stadiums and Sports

Sport stadiums and event arenas rely on their electrical infrastructures to ensure the smooth running of matches, games and events.

Power backup equipment such as stadium UPS systems and generators are critical.

Stadium UPS

The foundations of stadiums and event arenas are sophisticated webs of electrical infrastructure.

Any power disturbances could affect any area of the site and result in significant financial losses.

Take for example a premier league football stadium or an arena such as Wembley or the O2, where live matches and shows are often televised, any loss of power could affect lighting, broadcasting equipment and even access to the ground. This can then lead to postponements and end up costing thousands £’s in refunds, logistics and rescheduling.

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering resilient power protection solutions, we have extensive experience across the complete electrical path. Whether backup support is needed for a single CCTV system, individual turnstile or entire comms room, Power Control provides customised power protection solutions to meet your exact needs.

The 25,000 seater DW Stadium in Wigan, home to Wigan Athletic Football Club and the Wigan Warriors, one of the most successful rugby league teams in the country, is supported by a high-efficiency Borri B9000FXS 60kVA UPS system.

Working in partnership with K F Rowe Electrical Ltd, Power Control replaced an obsolete piece of backup power equipment with a Borri B9000FXS UPS solution. The company also dismantled and safely disposed around 4000kg of lead acid batteries.

"Considering the very tight timeframe Power Control was working to, the planning, installation and commissioning of the UPS went seamlessly. There was no disruption to our operations. In fact it was so seamless staff in our ticket office were totally unaware that the commissioning had even taken place. We would certainly use them again."

Alan Sumner
DW Stadium
Rob Mather says:

Having designed, installed and provided ongoing maintenance of critical power supplies for several premier league and championship football clubs, as well as major entertainment venues and exhibition halls, Power Control has earned an enviable reputation for providing complete project solutions for the entire electrical path.

We have supplied UPS for turnstiles, CCTV, club shops, IT server rooms, tannoy announcement systems, lighting and of course for broadcasting. The last thing any football club or event arena needs is a power outage; aside from ruining the game in play, the health and safety implications are substantial, not to mention financial consequences.

The same thing applies to all events where large members of public will be in attendance. We have provided UPS support for both major international events held in the UK over the last few years including the Rugby World Cup and Commonwealth Games.

Suitable Applications

UPS systems can support a multitude of applications within the sports and events arena. We offer a plethora of backup power solutions to support every aspect of the infrastructure from CCTV, security systems and lighting through to automated turnstiles, tannoy systems and comms rooms.

Backup power for CCTV needs to be simple, reliable and cost effective. The CertaUPS line interactive, single phase UPS systems are ideal.


Turnstiles require reliable resilience. Any breaks in power could lead to severe disruption. The CertaUPS C60 and C200 series are perfect.


Lighting is incredibly susceptible to power fluctuations, which means that it is essential for UPS systems to be sized correctly to avoid unnecessary component stress.

Server Room

As a specialist UPS provider, we understand the importance of providing not UPS solutions that are not just reliable but also flexible and scalable.

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