There are two major reasons why we are seeing an uptick in companies choosing to hire a UPS system. Budget and using them only for temporary purposes – building work, temporary facilities or temporary applications. But businesses have recently faced third reason. After almost a year of uncertainty and whilst many are keen to start investing and making solid business plans again, we started 2021 with yet another lockdown and businesses are instead remaining prudent. For those who require a UPS as a critical asset, many are looking at rental options to tide them over until a state of normality has returned and confidence in making a high-value purchases increases.

In a recent project, a major airline required a temporary power supply for installing three new flight simulators. As the customer’s site was undergoing building work at the time, power was temporarily unavailable and commissioning the simulators was crucial. In conjunction with long standing customer, Barb Electrical, Power Control suggested UPS hire as an option to temporarily provide the required amount of power. Rental UPS systems can be deployed quickly and so were ideal for the short timeframe.

Power Control delivered two 400kVA Borri B96000FXS UPS systems to Ireland within 48hrs of receiving the order. The works included set up, calibration and 36hours worth of testing before shipment. Power Control also assisted Barb Electrical with the installation and design which required the UPS units to be in parallel to create a fully resilient solution.

Although transformer based units are not generally known for their high efficiency, these Borri UPS systems are TUV certified to reach efficiency levels of 95% whilst maintaining their durability.

Rob Mather, Director at Power Control, commented: “With a stock holding of over £2million, onsite testing facilities and its own team of nationwide engineers, Power Control can carry out critical tests and commissioning services almost immediately. Pre-commissioning of UPS systems before despatch can save significant amounts of time and up to a day of time onsite. It also allows Power Control to carry out component checks to ensure that the system operates properly and to the correct configuration.”

Once commissioned, the airline provider required permanent backup power for the simulator’s communication equipment. As both Barb and the customer were so pleased with the quality of the equipment and the service provided by Power Control, the UPS provider was called upon again to supply and install the additional three UPS systems. These were high efficiency Borri Ingino Plus 80kVA units.

An additional three 10kVA Ingenio Plus systems were also purchased and installed for general communication equipment around the premises.

Power Control has supported numerous sporting events, aviation companies, distribution centres and healthcare estates with its UPS hire services. Interim backup power hire services have also been widely used for emergency situations where pre-existing backup power has failed or requires extensive maintenance works. The company offers short, medium and long-term hire options of its UPS systems, which can be installed internally or provided as part of a containerised solution for temporary positioning outdoors. All of its UPS hire services also come with the option to purchase the solution at the end of the hire term.

The rental UPS systems come with a standard emergency response maintenance contract, which can be upgraded if necessary. Maintenance services are essential, in particular for longer term hires to ensure that the solution continues to perform and that all UPS components and UPS batteries are in good condition. A proactive maintenance contract can prevent any UPS faults and should always be included.

A continuous power supply is essential for most business environments. UPS systems support critical IT equipment and offer additional power stability for sensitive loads, which are often found in hospitals and manufacturing sites. ­

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